Technical Information

Up to Speed is designed for P3-P7 pupils, or anyone 7 years old or over. The show is very transportable, light on its feet and requires little power. As well as playing theatre venues Up to Speed will also tour to schools and community venues. The show is approximately 55 minutes long.


The set itself consists of a carpeted area 4.5m x 4.5m. We require the floor to be level and the carpet will be taped to the existing venue floor. There are two small trucked units. There are six flats, (no bigger than 1220 x 2440 in height and width) some of which are supported by french braces and stage weights (6 weights in total are toured) and some of which are self supporting. All flats will fit through a single door if necessary.

Two of the flats house rotating panels for the scene changes. There are also two  masker flats (1220 x 2440). The set is pin hinged together for ease of touring and to allow for quick Get In’s and Get Out’s.

Please note:- The footprint of the set fits within the 4.5mx4.5 footprint with the exception of the maskers.


There are 3 x simple costumes, one for each of the two characters in the piece and one for the Stage Manager. Doubles of these costumes are toured for ease of laundering between shows. If possible a dressing room for 1 male and 1 female are required and if available, access to laundry facilities.


-Most of the props are small handprops. The only outsized items are a dressed bicycle and a hot chocolate machine costume fashioned out of cardboard. In theatres it is beneficial to display the bike in the foyer as the audience are exiting. In schools, where we can, we like the characters to be seen by the audience riding the bike in the playground at the end of the piece.


The set is perfectly tourable in a long wheel based Transit van. The van also travels the Stage Manager and the two cast members, as well as any necessary spare materials, tools and a trolley to assist with Get In’s and Get Out’s. Ideally we prefer to park on site, but if we know in advance that this is not possible, alternative arrangements can be made.


In schools and halls, the piece is performed in natural daylight or under the halls electric lighting. In Theatres, a couple of general washes and some specials are sufficient but a general plan is available if required. In theatres, there is use made of a starcloth behind the set. Fairylights feature behind the backflats in both theatre and schools.


The sound is operated from our own Apple Mac laptop using Qlab software. The laptop plugs into a small mixer to allow the operator control of sound levels, which in turn plugs into 2 amplified speakers on folding stands.

A series of lengths of XLR and a jump for minijack to stereo XLR are toured as well as 2 x IEC leads to power the speakers.

In theatres the sound can be run through an existing PA, but we are self sufficient for schools.


In schools and Halls, we will require access to 13amp power.

In theatres, we will make use of 15a and 13a power.


In theatres , we will use the exisiting seating arrangement. In schools we tend to use the schools own benches and gym mats.

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